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Welcome to Viscusi Elson Interior Design

We are passionate about design—in fact we live and breathe it! Every day we are motivated by nature, architecture, and our surroundings to incorporate them into our designs. But most of all, we take our inspiration from you—who you are and how you live—so we can create interiors that are unique and spectacular just for you and your family.

The entire process is so exciting, and we will make it enjoyable from beginning to end. How? By listening and responding to what you want. By interpreting your dreams and creating a workable design plan. By thinking of all the fine details. By leading you through with our effective organization and communication.

From room to room, we will create a calm flow and easiness to your interiors. And it’s our promise that every time you walk through the front door, you’ll feel the joy and contentment brought on by living in a beautiful space.


Our design celebrates life—yours.

Gina Viscusi